About Us

MD Connected seeks to capitalize on the evolution of technology to offer Canadians healthcare they can rely on in a more timely and efficient manner.

Many Canadians reside in remote communities that are currently under-served by medical practitioners. We do not believe that physical location should diminish accessibility to healthcare providers. Our goal is to serve all Canadian patients by connecting them to a network of medical practitioners through advanced telemedicine technologies.

Many Canadians face extended wait times due to a significant population without a family physician; resulting in an influx to the hospital emergency rooms for basic medical needs. MD Connected looks to offer medical services through walk-in clinics and flexible hours to serve these patients.

Through collaborative technology, MD Connected has a vision of empowering patients to own their medical experience by having stand-ready access to their medical records.

With connected medical professionals, strategic partners and patients, MD Connected has an ultimate goal of improving the overall medical care experience for all Canadians.