Getting an appointment with a dermatologist can take months. Through the MD Connected virtual appointment service, you are able see a dermatologist quickly and conveniently, with or without a referral.

Patients can be assessed and treated for a broad spectrum of dermatological conditions which range from rashes, hives, lumps, and bumps through to shingles, lupus-like disorders, pre-cancerous lesions and skin cancers.


What province do you live in?


Prior to your consultation, you will be required to submit photos of the affected area. To help ensure we maximize your appointment we ask that you review the guidance below on the type and quality of images we need:

The photo should be clear, and well-focused, against a solid or off-white background.

Submit a close-up photo from 10 cm away, and an overview photo at 30 cm away.

Take the photos either in natural sunlight or under fluorescent lighting.

Make sure the whole area that is affected is shown, not just a small portion.

For hands and feet, take pictures of both the top and the bottom.

If available, include items such as rulers or coins to reference the size of the affected area.


You can find answers to your questions in our FAQ section.

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